I am a girl!!

I am a girl;Yes I am…
I was never born,
Why so soon I need to depart,
With a ripped soul and a broken heart;
Is it my fault to be who I am?
I am a girl, Yes I am!!

In grief, my soul shall forever mourn;
For the abandonment I endured;
Why should I each time be inured?
To my existence to be deliberately torn;
To my harsh and ruthless death!
Even before I took my first breath!!

                     Anushree Dutta

20 thoughts on “I am a girl!!

  1. Love your poems, dear Anu, they are your personal stories of your heart, everything thought over based on living experiences. I like this way very much to share our hearts in this way. It is beautiful to participate in others thoughts and feeling, words and emotions.
    Great job, my dear Anu πŸ™‚
    Hugs and love

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