I am a woman!!

I am a woman, Yes I am!!

I always give more than I get,

I am known to shed tears,

It’s not always true, the way it appears!!

I have the power to calmly gasp agony.

But can’t gape one in pain, what an irony!!

Almighty granted me a life with Integrity and Honour,

I acknowledged and perceived it as my lifetime armour,

Alas! It was vehemently rejected, repeatedly thrashed,

Constantly, bit by bit, my dignity was ineptly smashed!!

Sometimes I stood impervious, sometimes so vulnerable,

I asked the Almighty, Am I still honourable?

I was about to succumb to insolence,

I resurrect, this time without ignorance,

I am a woman, Yes I am!!

I am exceptionally precious, yes I realize!!

Nothing, none and no one can demean me,

As long as the Almighty exists within me,

That makes a lifetime, till my last breath,

My dignity never dies, even after death!!

                                  Anushree Dutta

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