Sharing Knowledge!!


 Knowledge is like water,

Remains fresh and flowing,

Once you start sharing…

And with the flow,

It picks up more and more…

Widening your perimeter,

Each time it adds a litre!!

The moment you don’t share,

To yourself you adhere;

It is stagnant,

Only a fragment,

Stinky and Pungent,

Getting redundant,

And then your friends are only flies,

And what you gained eventually dies!!

                                                                                      –Anushree Dutta

31 thoughts on “Sharing Knowledge!!

  1. Dekho sorry maine aisa nahi kaha,i did that a lot of times in my simple poems.
    So by that line you meant what we will loose friends?
    Anusree is more like my natve kerala girl name if i may say 🙂

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    1. No need to be sorry. By that line I mean that like a stagnant pool of filth attracts flies, such people who don’t share knowledge will attract friends who are just like them (the non-sharing kinds).


  2. Also the words you used here like stagnant,pungent only if we read a lot of english books or something we will get it right?


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