Perplexed Me!!

It was a stormy night,

Dark and wet,

Hours after sunset,

There was no sign of moonlight,

Suddenly I saw something ignite,

Lightning !! Racing,

Through the night pacing,

To win over the dark,

With its momentary spark,

Lightning !! Every now and then,

And it was that moment when,

I found myself Perplexed….

And asked myself,

Am I really hexed?

Is it just me?

Or anyone could it be?

Because everytime I step out,

Without an umbrella,

Trust me O, my fella,

I get washed out,

By a heavy downpour!!!

            Anushree Dutta 

21 thoughts on “Perplexed Me!!

  1. Are yaar i just said a are really a better writer than me šŸ™‚
    AI believe a good reader is someone who can point out any negatives so the writer can improve right?

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