Reckless Brain!!

I am a human brain

At times, I tend to jump

With a raucous thump

On an enigmatic train

Named conclusion

Made of delusion

Fuelled by misconception

Misjudgment and assumption

Traipsing and shuffling

The tracks of pacing thoughts

So puzzled and befuddling

Tying tenacious knots

Unceasingly finding faults

Till I am interrupted

By the truth

That helps to soothe

My speedy pace

To end this phase

And to replace

Delusion with sense

Negativity with positivity

To change all the thoughts

To untie all the knots!!

                                     – Anushree Dutta


25 thoughts on “Reckless Brain!!

  1. Anusree the different words like Traipsing,Befuddling you must have got from reading lot of english books right?That is an area i would like to improve.That is why i asked ok?

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    1. In my opinion, reading helps a lot. Not only does it expose you to various styles of writing, but also widens your horizon of knowledge.

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