Do not cry, when I die !!

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Do not cry, when I die

Do not cry, when I depart

Remember, I am never totally gone

I have never left you alone

I left behind my scent

That you still can smell

That you can never forget

I left behind the warmth

Of my hugs and kisses

Of the love we shared

I left behind the sensation

The first time we touched

The first time we held hands

I left behind the memories

Of the arguments we had

Of the beautiful life we shared

I left behind the humour

That once made you laugh

And still makes you laugh

I left behind my other half

My soul, on my behalf

And it stays there for you

Till you remember me!

Till you want it to be!

-Anushree Dutta

12 thoughts on “Do not cry, when I die !!

  1. This touched my heart. We have lost a wonderful Christian man just hours ago. His wife is in the depths of despair at this time. It is hard to lose loved ones, but when they go to be with the Lord it somehow seems easier to bear. Thanks for this wonderful poem.

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    1. I know the feeling. It’s hard to lose loved ones. This poem is very close to my heart. And the sentiments expressed are very real. I felt and the words kept flowing. I am glad you liked it. So thank you. Have a great day..👍

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