Good Morning!!

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It was today in the morning

So warm, so cozy

When the sun took a peek

When I was still asleep

Shining on my face

Spreading its warmth

Whispering in my ears

It’s time to wake up

To sip coffee from your cup

I disagreed

I argued

And covered my face

Go away, give me some space

Go shine somewhere else

Go bother someone, not me

Why don’t you ever get late?

This is what I really hate

I frowned

I grumbled

And left my snugly warm bed

With a crumpled spread

Still so inviting

Wrinkly yet enticing

But I had to depart

Leaving the warmth behind

For the fresh beginning

Gifted, by the morning

By the Sun, so kind!!

….Anushree Dutta

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