Let’s get motivated#1, Stop Complaining!!

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Almost every day we complain or we hear people complaining.. We say things like, “I really wanted to do it. It’s my passion. But I am so busy with my job, that I don’t get time. Or I am a mom.  I have two kids. I have no time for myself”.
But remember friends, every person on this planet has 24 hours a day. Some make the best out of it and some just keep cribbing.. Actually it’s nothing to do with ‘having less time’. It’s totally not true. It’s about bad time management. You have time just like everyone else, you are just not managing it well.. Trust me if you just give 15minutes a day to your passion, to what you really want to do, it is enough in the beginning. And out of this 15 minute, believe me 10 minutes will just take to kick a start. Just like when an old engine has not been started since ages. It takes time to warm up and start functioning. 

Now, that would be your first step, where you break out from your indolence and take a step towards your goal.. You need to religiously follow it everyday in order to set the harmony. And how to do it. It’s simple. Maintain a calender. See if you are giving those 15 minutes everyday. In case you fail one day. It’s okay. Try next day for 30 minutes. May be cut down on TV. Or go to bed a little late. Figure out a way, according to your convenience. 

The idea is to get the flow, and to get started. And that’s it. After all it’s what you love to do. You just need to fire up the passion inside you. So stop complaining and get going!!

9 thoughts on “Let’s get motivated#1, Stop Complaining!!

    1. I know. I hear it everytime. I am a working mom. And still find time for my passion. A lot of people ask me, how do I manage. So here it is. I never complain. I just follow my heart. And do what I love to do..😍

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