Secret Love, Chapter#1

Morning was always the best time of the day for Monica. She adored the fresh smell of the flowers in her garden, and the melody of the birds chattering in a group, just like a group of teenagers meeting after long and carelessly chitchatting and giggling. But she never had thought that this morning was not going to be the usual one. It was about to bring a tremendous change in her well settled life, in her cozy little house with the most beautiful and loving family.

After finishing her morning chores, she left for the supermarket. It was the usual music playing, while she was driving, and she just thought to stop by the new store that she wanted to visit since almost a month now. Many times she planned it with Tina, her best friend but somehow it never worked out. So this time she didn’t think twice, and entered the store with curiosity. It was a huge boutique with the most fashionable dresses and accessories, with breathtaking prices. “Oh! That’s expensive”, she thought, that suddenly a husky voice that uttered ‘Moni’ interrupted her thoughts. ‘Moni’, she wondered, as this could be only Max, the spoiled brat from her college, whom she dated and it didn’t end so well.

She didn’t feel like turning back and facing him. Infact she felt, if somehow magically she could just disappear. But why was her heart thumping so loud as if ‘she was a teenager who suddenly bumped into her crush,’ she unknowingly smiled after thinking.

All these thoughts clouded her head so bad that she didn’t realize that Max was standing right infront of her. Yes, in person, looking the same, didn’t even change by a single inch. “Hi Moni”, he jumped with joy and embraced her in delight. “Look at you, you look the same, so beautiful”, he expressed his joy.

Monica very well knew how good was Max at lying and handling even the worst situations with ease. “She was definitely not beautiful today”, she thought and tried to comb her untidy hair with hands. For a moment she was speechless and couldn’t think of what to say. Suddenly realizing how rude it would appear, she cleared her throat and meekly asked, “Hi Max, how have you been?”

“I am doing great”, he sounded exactly how he felt. “It’s so great to see you. You made my day. Why don’t you join me for coffee?”, he insisted. Before Monica could deny, he called for help and ordered two coffees. It was so typical of Max, he would always do what he wanted. “Come let’s go to my cabin, we can talk in peace there. I have so much to tell you”. Monica kept wondering, how could he be so normal? How could he forget everything that happened. Even though she didn’t want to talk to him ever in her life, she followed him helplessly like a little girl. He opened the door for her like a gentleman and escorted her to his richly designed office, with some finest furnishings she had ever witnessed in her entire life.

The door shut after them, and they began to talk. It was mostly Max talking and Monica just mesmerized by everything around her including Max.

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