Morning Vibes, poetry by Anushree Dutta

I heard the alarm ringing

I heard the birds chirping

It has all again begun

Yet another day in run

The dog wagging his tail

Barking, so elated and gale

Waiting for his morning walk

That is the way he can talk

The kids rushing to school

Like a frenzied fish pool

You can see the mirth and smile

After all it’s time for sunshine!!

The clock is ticking

The workers are hurrying

Looking at the time

Checking it time to time

Waiting for their ride

Some standing with pride

Some without any fervour

Without being so sure

Just running the race

Trying to keep up the pace

A mother with a crying child

Entered in the world so mild

Every eye gazing the mother

As if they could help her

But she was unperturbed

As if her eyes were shut

The old lady came forward

Trying to sing a few words

To appease the little one

Adding some humour and fun

It finally helped and worked

And the wait was disturbed

With the arrival of the bus

It got loaded in seconds so quick

And waited for the lady with the stick

And rode around the town

Till everyone got down

Reached their destination

And start their day with motivation!

– Anushree Dutta


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