Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta, The Mask

Unveiling the mysterious self or staying hidden behind the mask, it should be your choice. Sometimes the hidden mysteries are more true than what we see. It makes me more curious to find the answers, to see through your eyes and to stay intrigued. The Mask, an attempt to stay connected to the folk art Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta

What is Folk Art, Meaning of Folk Art

Have you ever wondered what folk art is?

Well, in simple words it´s an expression of culture in the form of visual art, and every folk art form has a unique way to convey that in terms of their use of colors or patterns. It is a distinctive type of art form made by the people of any indigenous community, and through their art they represent their own community´s value, taste and tradition. So, basically a folk artist shares with the world, what he or she has learned from the community, or their family or maybe even occupation. A folk artist may learn the skills in an informal community setting, or it may be passed on through generations, or sometimes they are formally trained.

Madhubani Painting, a folk art from India

Unlike fine art, folk art has a naïve approach and often misses proportion. It may be expressed through the usage of bold figures, repetitive patterns or vibrant colors. It is often hand crafted, utilitarian and decorative and may not just limit to paintings, but also it has been practiced in the forms of murals, sculptures, wooden carvings, pottery, textiles etc.

So to sum up, folk art expresses and enriches the history of a particular culture through its unique and distinctive style, figures or colors. The survival of tradition and heritage is fundamental in any form of folk art. Yet, folk art is not merely a repository for tradition, new themes or motifs constantly evolve from old ones or out of new circumstances.

Some of the examples of folk art include;

  1. Madhubani Painting from India
  2. Ore Mountain Folk Art from Germany
  3. Rosemaling or Kurbit (decorative Paintings) from Scandinavia

Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta, Radha Krishna

Indian Festival Series II Madhubani Painting II Krishna Janmashtami – a beautiful Indian Festival where the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated. Lord Krishna was the eighth Avatar of Vishnu and the legend says that little Krishna was born at midnight in a jail, where his parents Vasidev and Devaki were captured by his uncle Kansa. Kansa had heard a prediction that his nephew was the one who would be the reason for his death, and that is why he arrested his sister and brother-in-law. He used to kill every child that was born from the womb of Devaki, but as lord Krishna was born, there was a glowing light in the prison, the chains ⛓ of Vasudev and Devaki broke , the doors of the jail opened automatically and the guards went to deep sleep. That is when Vasudev left with the newborn Krishna in a basket 🧺 and dropped him at his friends place for Krishna‘s safety.

This day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in India, as it marks the victory of good over evil. Jai Kanhaiya lal ki, ladoo gopal ki!! 🌸🌸🌸

Madhubani Art Radha Krishna

COVID – 19 Together we shall overcome, Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta!


My prayers with all of us as we move ahead every day in 2020 hoping for no more disasters to come, hoping for maximum recoveries for all those who are infected by COVID-19, and more strength for all the frontliners fighting day and night for us. Together we shall overcome, Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta!

Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta



I told ya, I am obsessed at the moment 🤪 Yet another creation The Buzzing 🐝, simply enjoyed creating this, a lot of design process, and tons of hard work made this intricate piece possible. This unique craft teaches me everyday something new! Huh! 💛💛 Just loving it!!

Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta, Keeda the Bug, Series, Artwork 1

Keeda (the bug)🐞 , What’s that keeda in you that doesn’t let you pause, that gives you a whole lot of energy, that rushes the adrenaline in your system so that you never get exhausted, well mine is design and art. I could wake up in the middle of the night and start painting, that’s my keeda, that’s my passion. I am working on a new series and I am so obsessed with the beauty of the insects, so probably many more to come.

Madhubani Painting, Indian Folkart by Anushree Dutta

Experimenting and creating something new has always been my attempt, so it took me a little long but here I am with my new creation „Mermaids“🧜‍♀️. Just in search of her safe place, spreading her color when she leaves, followed by the admiring fishes simply depicts the serenity in surrealistic thoughts. It is again predominantly inspired by the folk art Madhubani Painting, but I just tried to give it my flair by adding some non folksy elements. To be really honest, it is a culmination of various forms of art and ideas, in a hope to create something new and exciting.

Mother Nature, Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta

Mother Nature, Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta 🎨. This painting represents the mother nature holding the last ray of hope (symbolically a plant) and is shielding the greenery and protecting it from the global warming. The hot orange sun and the orange part of the painting represents the increasing temperatures which we all are facing each day. The other part is painted green representing the greenery on our planet which can be protected and shielded by planting more trees. The plant in her hand is painted yellow and with shades of black as it represents deforestation. I have painted or one can say designed each part of this painting with a lot of thought process, hence each color or motif means something. I am glad that the painting turned out as desired and I am happy to share it with you all.

Love 💕


Brown is Beautiful, Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta

“Brown is beautiful”, this is the title to this piece of art which totally breaks the stereotype thought of relating beauty to fairness. When I started this painting I had a completely different picture in my mind. This happens all the time. You start with an idea, and flow with each wave of creativity while creating any piece of work. Sometimes it’s the best idea to just move with this flow and do not expect until the end. Well this beauty turned out to be perfect and I am elated to see the result. This moment is rare for an artist, so I will enjoy this time and this timeless artwork will always make me proud.

For those who are interested to know, this is a wonderful folkart from India popularly known as Madhubani or Mithila painting.

-Anushree Dutta