Tree of Life, Madhubani Painting by artist Anushree Dutta


Mother Nature, Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta

Mother Nature, Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta 🎨. This painting represents the mother nature holding the last ray of hope (symbolically a plant) and is shielding the greenery and protecting it from the global warming. The hot orange sun and the orange part of the painting represents the increasing temperatures which we all are facing each day. The other part is painted green representing the greenery on our planet which can be protected and shielded by planting more trees. The plant in her hand is painted yellow and with shades of black as it represents deforestation. I have painted or one can say designed each part of this painting with a lot of thought process, hence each color or motif means something. I am glad that the painting turned out as desired and I am happy to share it with you all.

Love đź’•


Brown is Beautiful, Madhubani Painting by Anushree Dutta

“Brown is beautiful”, this is the title to this piece of art which totally breaks the stereotype thought of relating beauty to fairness. When I started this painting I had a completely different picture in my mind. This happens all the time. You start with an idea, and flow with each wave of creativity while creating any piece of work. Sometimes it’s the best idea to just move with this flow and do not expect until the end. Well this beauty turned out to be perfect and I am elated to see the result. This moment is rare for an artist, so I will enjoy this time and this timeless artwork will always make me proud.

For those who are interested to know, this is a wonderful folkart from India popularly known as Madhubani or Mithila painting.

-Anushree Dutta