The Unfinished Tale of Love



As I was wandering

Through a dense forest

Enveloped in fog

Smoky and blurred

Nothing could be seen

None could be heard

I was anxious yet keen

To see what was beyond

The murky, sombre green

And then, I saw her abscond

From this eerie scene

I followed her

She was the one

Her silhouette so divine

The same as yesterday

The same as everyday

Gowned in luminous white

So serene

So pristine

In the Full Moon light

She glimmered as she raced

It was then that I paced

To touch her just once !

To feel her just once !

And then she calmly stood

Smiling at me

Waiting for me

I hared as fast as I could

Alas, this is the moment

Every night, of my torment

When I am wide awake

In my world of reality

Full of truthful brutality

Nevertheless a promise I make

To see her again

Hoping, not in vain

Another enchanting night

In my uncanny dream site

To touch her just once !!

To feel her just once !!


Anushree Dutta

74 thoughts on “The Unfinished Tale of Love

    1. It’s a pleasure following your blog. Infact I am helping myself by going through your amazing posts. And thanks a lot for your feedback.


  1. Anushree finding the meaning of this poem is bit difficult for me.Let me try.Eventhough if we don’t know anything about romance it is in our subconscious mind?

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      1. Hey, Sorry. Didn’t get time to reply. This poem is about a man’s dream. He keeps seeing a girl, who is really beautiful, keeps chasing her but can never touch her, as he wakes up every night at the moment when he is about to touch her. So, it is called “The Unfinished Tale of Love”. I hope this helps. Let me know in case you have any other questions.

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